Zero Tolerance Policy




We want to keep our staff safe, so far as reasonably possible. We are therefore committed to a policy that deals with the risk of violence to members of staff in an effective and pragmatic way.


Definition Of Violence 

Any incident where a partner or member of staff is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work, involving either explicit or implicit risks to their safety, wellbeing or health. This includes:

  • Serious or persistent harassment including racial and sexual harassment
  • Threat with anything that could be regarded as a weapon
  • Major and minor injuries

This definition covers action by anyone, including patients, visitors to the premises, partners and members of staff.



We recognise the difficult and complex nature of health care delivery, including dealing with patients and clients (who may be physically or mentally ill, under stress or confused). We also recognise that relatives or friends of our patients may contribute to the potential for violence.

We wish to maintain our established culture that any sort of violence towards partners and staff at Gloucester Road Medical Centre is totally unacceptable.

In support of that, our aims include:

  • A working environment including adequate staffing levels, conducive to the avoidance of potential or actual violence.
  • Provision of information and training to staff on handling potential or actual violence, including summoning assistance.
  • Positive support to staff involved in violent incidents.
  • A system to monitor and review any violent incidents that occur.

The Priorities 

It should be clearly understood by all that in any situation, the prevention and avoidance of violence is of paramount importance. Active defence will be a last resort. Where patients, visitors or clients are involved, the emphasis must be on safeguarding them from harm, even in cases where they contribute to the disturbance.


Responsibilities Involved 

It is our responsibility to ensure this policy is in place, is complied with and is effective in dealing with episodes of violence and aggression. We will carry out specific risk assessments where appropriate, and take additional steps where it is felt necessary.

In addition, each person working at Gloucester Road Medical Centre has a personal responsibility for their own safety and that of others, i.e. patients, visitors, and colleagues.


Helping Employees After An Incident

It is hoped that partners and staff will react to incidents in an appropriate manner. Following any incident, where required, we will provide appropriate support mechanisms (such as occupational health advice, counselling, security advice, support in dealing with the police or making compensation claims, etc.)