GP Availability




We offer appointments from 08:30 in the morning, late evening appointments and a Saturday morning surgery. Please be aware that all patients will need to book an appointment.

Routine appointments can be booked in advance at any time, appointments needed for more urgent reasons are released three days ahead at 8:30am, and a phone call from our urgent-care clinicians can be arranged on the day.

Length of appointment - Please note that all appointments are for 10 minutes. If you require more time with the doctor, or if you have more than one problem to discuss, please ask the receptionist to arrange more time for you.

The following chart is an overview of the individual GP's weekly work pattern.  It is offered as a guide and does not include training GPs.  Please note it may be subject to changes for unforeseen events.

GP Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
  am pm am pm am pm am pm am pm One GP every Sat am for pre-booked appts only.
Dr J Holdsworth X X   X X     X  
Dr D Honeywill X X   X X     X X  
Dr M Jones X   X X X X     X X
Dr J O'Connor   X X X X X     X X
Dr K Smith     X X X   X   X X
Dr O Marshall     X X X     X X X
 Dr G Iyer          X  X      X  X
 Dr R Gillam  X  X  X        X  X    
 Dr A Cuskin  X  X  X X    X  X    
Dr C Gibbs X X       X        
Dr R Hiles X X     X   X X X  
Dr V Peck X X X       X X    
 X = When a particular GP is in the Practice.