Out of Area Registration Policy




Registration without home visits

Thank you for asking to register with us as an out of area patient. Any patients registering with us after 5th January 2015 who do not live in our illustrated catchment area (available at reception) are classed as ‘Out of Area Patients’ and will need their registration approved by management. 

This service is intended for patients where it is more convenient for them to attend a GP further away from their home address, for example, because it is close to work. This is an infrequent arrangement as most patients prefer to be registered within a GP practice catchment. 

In applying we ask you to declare that:

  • You would be able to attend the Practice any day, during opening hours. 
  • You do not have any personal factors or any concerns about your own health where these issues may put you at risk of not being able to attend the Practice. 
  • You do not currently need to access any community health or social care (these are locally organised teams and services)
  • You understand that you may need to attend the Practice to collect items such as prescriptions and can make these arrangements for yourself. 
  • You live within the local Bristol area, with the same community services / teams as those around the Practice. 
  • You understand that if your health needs change, or you end up accessing other services (such as home visiting doctor) that we can review your registration and ask you to register at a GP close to home. 
  • The registration is at our discretion and if we feel that after registering you, your care needs are more complex, then we can review your registration and ask you to register at a GP closer to home. 

As you live outside of the practice area (catchment) we will be your registered doctor but under the out of area guidance we are not required to provide you with a home visit. 

You may on occasion, develop an urgent illness or injury at home that means attending the GP surgery as normal would not be appropriate. 

If you require a GP and are too unwell to attend, contact the practice in the first instance. If we determine you need access to services local to where you live we would ask you to call NHS 111

In these circumstances NHS 111 will direct you to the local service that has been established by NHS England for patients such as you. This local service could be a GP practice near to where you live, the local walk-in or urgent care centre, or a minor injuries unit. 

Once you have read all information provided to you about our out of area registration policy and decided you would still like to register with us, please complete the following application form. We will write to patients to let them know the outcome of their application. 

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