ADHD for Adults





ADHD is a developmental condition defined by inattention (inability to concentrate), hyperactivity (inability to keep still) and impulsiveness (acting without thinking). Behaviours such as aggression, anger and defiance do not suggest ADHD.

For more information on ADHD symptoms and diagnosis, head to the following websites:




Referral for Assessment

If you are over 18, think you may have ADHD and would like a referral for an assessment, please book a routine appointment with a GP.  Please read the information below first. 

There are currently 2 providers of adult ADHD assessments in the BNSSG area:

1) ADHD 360

ADHD 360 is a private provider commissioned by Lincolnshire CCG so they fulfil the criteria to be a qualified provider under NHS Right to Choose rules.

As of September 2023, they have advised that their current waiting time is 12-14 months.  Please see their website for more information.


2) AWP

AWP ADHD service is a specialist team of doctors, psychologists and nurses who work exclusively with adults who have ADHD. The service is available to all BNSSG patients.

This service can reassess and continue treatment of people who have a diagnosis of ADHD from childhood, and they also assess adults who have never had a diagnosis made.

Please note that there are very long waits for new referrals to the AWP ADHD service. As of 05/9/23, AWP advised that the waiting time is in excess of 5 years.

Please note: Psychiatry UK have previously provided ADHD assessments using the Right to Choose facility. However on 25th August 2023 Psychiatry UK temporarily paused any new referrals. If you have submitted your forms for Psychiatry UK already, we will hold your forms for now and update you once their waiting list is re-opened.